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Cooked rice                                   60g
Garlic - chopped                           ½ teaspoon
Vegetable oil                                1 table spoon
Tomato - chopped in small cubes       1 tea spoon
Onion - chopped in small cubes              1 tea spoon
Baby corn - chopped in small cubes       1 tea spoon 
Carrot- chopped in small cubes       1 tea spoon  
Fresh green stalk - chopped in small cubes 1 tea spoon
Sugar                                1 tea spoon
Ground pepper                    2-3 pinches
Light soy sauce                      2 table spoons

Step 1:         Prepare the cooked rice in a bowl and add all the sauces, (sugar, light soy sauce, ground pepper and garlic).
Step 2: Put the oil into a wok and add the vegetablesand stir-fry till nearly cooked.
Step 3: Add the rice and combine well and cook for 2 minutes - not more!.
Step 4: Serve on medium plate and garnish with lime.

Fry the rice
Prepare the ingredients